Centrum voor constructivisme en concrete kunst
centre pour le constructivisme et l'art concret
center for constructivism and concrete art
Konstruktivismus und Konkrete Kunst Zentrum

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Gerhard HOTTER

16/6  -  25/8/2019



 A poetic game

Geometry is not only an element of architecture, but also one for artists who work in the concrete-constructive direction. This also applies to Gerhard Hotter. Since the 1990s, his work has been based primarily on the sequences of numbers discovered by Dudley Langford in the 1950s. For Hotter, these sequences are the source of a constant creative and systematic expansion of the language of colour and form in concrete art. Since the works are based on a mathematical system, precise statements can be made about the rhythmically divided picture field; plus those individual and independent sequences are still confronted with a system that has not yet been completely resolved. Gerhard Hotter reacts with his work to the visual environment that confronts us daily and he leads us through the poetic structure of his works to contemplation.



             BLOK acryl op hout 2017 15 x 15 x 15 cm                         RO-T-OR acryl op MDF 2014  zijde 120 cm diepte  9 cm           LIBARANY acryl op doek 2017 80 x 80 x4 cm

ROUGE HORIZONTAL acryl op hout 2018  70x 140 4.5 cm



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