Centrum voor constructivisme en concrete kunst
centre pour le constructivisme et l'art concret
center for constructivism and concrete art
Konstruktivismus und Konkrete Kunst Zentrum

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gaŽl BOURMAud  (FR) 

sunday march 3 to sunday april 21, 2024

For nearly twenty years, GaŽl Bourmaud has been battling the stable forms of geometry, testing the limits of the traditional chassis through a sober and measured language. Making the square his best ally, he never ceases to explore its infinite resources with a minimalism and radicalism from which he never deviates.

Nurturing a highly dynamic conception of creation, the artist has established a subtle, tense spatial conversation with the viewer, where the operations of deconstruction of geometric forms, leading to shifts and shifts which challenge our perceptual habits and constantly push back the classical boundaries of the work of art.                                                                         
Domitille d'Orgeval


      contact: info@denheeck.be