Centrum voor constructivisme en concrete kunst
centre pour le constructivisme et l'art concret
center for constructivism and concrete art
Konstruktivismus und Konkrete Kunst Zentrum

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Antonia Lambelé en Renée Rohr

(28/5 - 20/8/2017)



 Antonia Lambelé may claim the title of sculptor even though there is not really modelling and casting creating her work. Antonia is not a sculptor in the traditional way. She belongs to the international group ' mesures ' working in the spirit of the geometric abstraction, the concrete and constructivist art. Out of a solid block of acrylic glass she creates by cutting, grinding, engraving and polishing a sculpture that plays brilliantly with light. Antonia Lambelé makes besides sculptures also paintings and bas reliefs consisting of different materials, usually assembled on a linen base, which may or may not be covered by a Plexiglas sheet. Lambelé creates with her works a fascinating game of volumes, shape, shadow and light. The spectator experience all facets of colour, light reflection and distortion moving around the works of Antonia.




 Renée Rohr is a student of Jacques Moeschal. Her work is geometrically abstract and leans in to minimalism. It is situated between installation and sculpture. Initially Rohr played with the unlimited emptiness in closed volumes and worked this out  mainly in white Carrara marble and steel. Starting from 2002, the forms are no longer closed; they exhibit gaps such as the holes in the cabinets of music instruments. In the same period she also integrates rubber in its mobile structures. The work of Rohr is an ongoing quest around the cube, the square and the circle. The shapes are the result of a laser cut from a computer design. This is the method with which she creates her open or closed shapes in marble or steel. It is in this world that she locks up her dreams and poems and trust them to the imagination of the spectator. Renée Rohr invites us to think, to ask questions about the choices we make in our lives and points us on the responsibilities of the choices made. In this exhibition are to see her works in steel.



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