Centrum voor constructivisme en concrete kunst
centre pour le constructivisme et l'art concret
center for constructivism and concrete art
Konstruktivismus und Konkrete Kunst Zentrum

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from October 30 2022   to January 15 2023

works on paper 1962-2022

Albert Rubens


The exhibition shows how the work of Albert Rubens is geometrically, concretely executed in black and white and with a mathematical basis. Rubens created his own direction that gives him infinite possibilities. All other flags and ‘isms’ do not cover the load. As a base Rubens started on a flat surface and evolved into the cube as a base. All works are pre-designed in textbooks.

Rubens' work exudes order and dynamism. The serial aspect of his oeuvre and the thinking that precedes it make Rubens strives leans towards conceptual art.